A successful project begins with solid estimation and sales.


We've seen projects succeed and fail, and we've seen how and why that can happen. Agencies face a special challenge when estimating for a client - they must produce estimates quickly and accurately, and remain competitive. Not all clients are open to agile approaches to quotes. When every project is different, and detailed requirements can be sketchy, quoting can be a difficult and time consuming process. Agencies can't afford to take developers off tools to produce every estimate, and at times the sales team may not be aware of how one extra requirement can mean a lot more work. As a result, agencies often make sales based on hasty ballparks, without identification of risk. On top of this, agencies don't always have the time to review quoted vs actual figures and feed that back into the estimation process.

We know there's a better way, and we want to help. We can help you produce accurate and informative estimates in less time, leveraging the knowledge of your team so you're better informed during the sales process. Meet Kiomo.

Estimation with Kiomo

Estimation can be difficult, especially for web development agencies. Kiomo makes estimation easier and faster, and gives you insights into the accuracy of your estimates. 

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